Our Sponsors (past and present)

Our Sponsors/Partners

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (COPE)
    1410 E. Indianhead Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301
  • Stringfest
  • Florida State University
  • Symphony Seven
  • Florida A&M University
  • Mary Roberts Chamber Orchestra
  • Big Bend Community Orchestra
  • Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

Our Partners That Utilize, "Teachers On The Go"

  • Symphony Seven School of Arts and Technology, Tall., FL
  • Jefferson County Elementary School, Monticello, FL
  • Florida A & M University D.R.S., Tall., FL
    • Sponsored by Tallahassee Community College Gear-Up Program
  • Brownsville Preparatory Institute, Tall., FL
  • Riley Elementary School, Tall., FL
  • Oak Ridge Elementary, Tall., FL
  • Bond Elementary., Tall., FL
  • Gadsden County School District., Tall., FL