Javacya endeavors to use the arts as a tool to facilitate the development of high self-esteem and self discipline. Through the mastery of their musical talents, students develop an appreciation of the fine arts and a strong application of music theory, so that they can analyze and interpret the music that they perform.

Key to Success

For students of Javacya, dedication and commitment are greatly emphasized. Students will be educated on the benefits of daily practice and taught time management in creating daily routines. Parent/guardian involvement is also very important with extra regard for younger students. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend rehearsals, monitor practices at home, and assist in maintaining a practice schedule that balances with personal and academic responsibilities.

The Javacya Experience

All students participate in recitals and biannual concerts where they are mentored by more experienced artists. Students are encouraged to participate in local orchestras, attend international music camps, and perform in other venues where they may gain valuable experience, including but not limited to:

  • Big Bend Community Orchestra
  • Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra