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Welcome to Javacya Arts

Javacya endeavors to use the arts as a tool to facilitate the development of high self-esteem and self discipline. Through the mastery of their musical talents, students develop an appreciation of the fine arts and a strong application of music theory, so that they can analyze and interpret the music that they perform.

Key to Success

Students will be educated on the benefits of daily practice and taught time management in creating daily routines.

Javacya Experience

All students participate in recitals and biannual concerts where they are mentored by more experienced artists.

Our Values

We believe firmly in politeness, responsibility, respect, courtesy and good manners.

The Javacya Experience

Students participate in All-State, Javacya recitals, private recitals, concerts, and competitions on a local, state, and national level. Students are also encouraged to attend national and international music camps and provided outlets for performance year-round. Javacya students are heavily involved with the Sphinx Music Organization.

Florida Society Youth Orchestra - Ages 5-9

All FSYO students participate weekly in workshop style classes, recitals, outreach performances, as well as monthly masterclasses, lectures, and group classes, presented by renowned faculty-artists from the States and abroad, plus local graduate students.

Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra

Senior Conductor and Assistant Director, Ralph Jean-Paul with guest Conductor-In-Residence, Dr. Julian E. White, continue the decades-old tradition of providing advancing students of all ages opportunity to hone their skills while performing alongside both graduate students, and university professors, the most diverse and technically challenging orchestral repertoire in the region.

String Orchestra Workshops

For over 40 years Javacya Arts Conservatory has been a nationally recognized college preparatory music program. These summer workshops provide students with a chance to advance their skills, prepare for All-State competition, and learn the discipline of music in a fun and fast-paced environment.

Javacya Symphony Orchestra

Although works from a variety of composers, the Javacya Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to:

  • Fund the operations of the Javacya Arts Conservatory
  • Enlarge the performance platform for Black and Latinx classically trained artists and feature soloists and ensembles from all ethnicities with the orchestra
  • Perform music by composers from the African Diaspora
  • Collaborate with rising and prominent Black and Latinx composers from all continents
  • Perform all genres of music
  • Feature rising and prominent guests’ conductors from the States and abroad

Rising Black and Latinx Composers Initiative

The first of 2020-21 Rising Black and Latinx Composers Initiative is  Kenneth Hills. Mr. Hills is a twenty-year-old aspiring engineer, violinist, and budding composer. The former concertmaster of the Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra and the Tallahassee Youth Chamber Orchestra. Kenneth is a senior engineering major at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

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