Javacya exists to provide a safe space for BIPOC students to take advantage of quality music education.


Whether through music, medicine, law, or other areas, students will have the ability to make meaningful and positive contributions to society.


While pursuing our mission, Javacya values BIPOC contributions to the arts, discipline, integrity, and respect.

Business Model

"We provide quality music education supported by ticket sales, grants, individual donors, and supplemented by net income from individual and group music instruction."


$8,000+ in Fundraising

Hope Ward

Hope Ward set out to raise $20,000 for students requiring assistance to attend JAC and I-9 Sports Academy. Thus far, she has raised over $8,000.

Javacya Fundraiser

Julian White, ll

Julian White, ll and family will host a fundraiser for Javacya with award-winning Scotty Barnhart on January 31, 2021

Young Composer

Kenneth Hills, Jr.

Javacya will highlight former Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra concertmaster Kenneth Hills, compositions during the 2021 season.

Masterclass Conductor

Meredith Harris

Violist Meredith Harris (Houston Opera Orchestra) conducted a masterclass via Zoom on bow usage and vibrato for students at Javacya Arts Conservatory. Bravo, Meredith!


Our Founder

Patrice Floyd is the founder of Javacya Arts Conservatory, Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra, Florida Society Youth Orchestra, and several other orchestras in the tri-State area. As a respected violinist, teacher, and Conservatory director, she is a leading advocate in the States and abroad for shaping lives through the arts. As an artist, the fantastic Alphonse Carlo said about Patrice Floyd, ". . . fine interpreter of music, great stage presence!"



The versatile violinist, Josh Henderson is quickly gaining international recognition as a musician for all seasons.


Through the National Federation of Music Clubs of America young Floyd won her first composition competition at age 8.


Six time Grammy nominated, The Mad Violinist, is recognized as one of the world’s most beloved young violinist and composers.

Student Stories


Kazdn finds the violin a most challenging instrument but appreciates the beauty of its sound and its role within the tapestry of the orchestra.


Bryce is a member of the 1st violin section of the Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra for the 2020-21 season.

Zion Daniels

Zion is a Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra member and the Lincoln High School Orchestra.


Phillip is a prodigy violinist and has a beautiful spirit. He is a student of violinist Patrice Floyd at Javacya Arts Conservatory.

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