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Bryce Derrick Looney

Bryce Looney commenced his violin studies as a 6th grader at Montford Middle School.  He joined Javacya Arts Conservatory in the 8th grade where he began to study with violinist Patrice Minor-Floyd.  During the 2019-20 season, he was Principal 2nd Violinist for the Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra.  Bryce is a member of the 1st violin...


Kazdn Harrison

Kazdn is currently in 7th grade at the School of Arts and Science (Thomasville Road location), “Home of the Dragons.” She enjoys all areas of academic learning, particularly Mathematics, Literacy, and Science. She participates in the school’s cheer/dance team, and a transformational learning program for girls ages 8 to 13, called Girls on the Run...