Covid-19 Policy

Social distancing (work patterns and six-feet  separation)

  • COVID-19 has only been transmitted through mucous membranes, i.e., eyes, mouth, respiratory tract. It appears not to be bloodborne and therefore would not lead to infection through the skin or a cut. It is not transmitted by sweat.
  • An aerosol is air-containing droplets or particles that are so small they can remain floating in the air. In the breath you blow out, there are both large and small droplets.  The droplets that are larger than about 0.01mm fall on the ground, and therefore do not transmit the virus if you are far enough away from each other.  But smaller droplets continue to float in the air, and that is what is called aerosol.  This is particularly important to consider for musicians and singers because deep breathing/inhalation and concentrated time spent together create a unique environment. 
  • Key control measures unique to orchestras and choirs that need to be considered include:
    • limiting the number of performers as far as possible
    • the distance between musicians and singers
    • the position of the musicians/singers concerning each other (i.e., side-by-side, back-to-back, face-to-face, face-to-back)
    • the length of time spent together in sessions/rehearsals/performances
    • the ventilation of the spaces / studios / rooms. 

Stage plans

  • Stage layout plans will be devised and circulated to ensure all seating positions are strictly measured to follow the appropriate social distancing, particularly to each instrument/singer.
  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Seek assurance in advance that suitable cleaning arrangements have been made in terms of COVID-19 before the crew, staff, and musicians arrive on site.
  • Ensure thorough professional cleaning of studios is carried out between rehearsals/sessions if and when there is a personnel change. Check the cleaning regime is working correctly during working periods.

Face coverings

  • Face-covering must be worn in all common areas; however, they will not be required on stage during rehearsals and performances.
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