Javacya provides world-class classical musical education and orchestra training to children and youth – including tuition-free private lessons for children with financial needs – with internationally acclaimed instructors. Our focus on music theory – the math behind the music – is second to none. In the USA, we are founding teachers and partners of the Canadian-based Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). A testing center for RCM, we concur that developing human potential is the greatest means to achieve personal growth and social cohesion. Learn more about RCM.

Educational Programs

Florida Society Youth Orchestras

The Florida Society Youth Orchestras Program (FSYO) is structured to provide the highest quality string training to pre-college students in pre-school through high school possible.

Leander A. Kirksey Youth Orchestra

Leander A. Kirksey Youth Orchestra (LAKYO), led by violinist Patrice Floyd, provides string orchestra training to predominantly elementary school-aged student musicians who read music and have at least two years of playing experience on their instruments.

Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra

Ralph Jean-Paul with Assistant Senior Conductor Keenan Ellis, continue the decades-old tradition of providing advancing students of all ages opportunity to hone their skills while performing alongside both graduate students.

Teachers On The Go

Sending instructors into rural communities and inner-cities where needed through Javacya's Teachers On The Go satellite programming model has enriched many youths' lives.

Javacya partners with private schools, school districts, churches, community-based organizations, city governments, and counties to implement string orchestral music, theater, and dance instruction after school and eight hours for Saturday programs.

Application Deadlines


Javacya enrollment dates are year round, fill out the form or contact to apply.



Assistant Conductor, Founding Director, and Faculty Member


Assistant Director, Senior Conductor Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra and Javacya International Symphony Orchestra


Conductor-In-Residence-Faculty and Consultant


Javacya Mentor-Faculty


Viola Coach, Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra


2020-21 Visiting Guest Faculty


Guest Clinician 2021


Visiting Guest Faculty


Guest Clinician 2021


Visiting Guest Faculty


Sphinx Virtuosi

A Special Teaching Residency

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