Florida Society Youth Orchestras

The Florida Society Youth Orchestras Program (FSYO) is structured to provide the highest quality string training to pre-college students in pre-school through high school possible.

Leander A. Kirksey Youth Orchestra

Leander A. Kirksey Youth Orchestra (LAKYO), led by violinist Patrice Floyd, provides string orchestra training to predominantly elementary school-aged student musicians who read music and have at least two years of playing experience on their instruments.

Wind and Brass Ensemble

Highly recommended brass students from the region (ages 11-14)

Wanda McDonald Youth Orchestra

First-time beginning violin and viola students (ages 5-9).

Betty Jean Miller Cello Ensemble

First-time beginning cello students (ages 5-9).

Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra

Ralph Jean-Paul with Assistant Senior Conductor Keenan Ellis, continue the decades-old tradition of providing advancing students of all ages opportunity to hone their skills while performing alongside both graduate students.
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