Arts-In-The-Heart 2022

Friday, April 22, 2022

The White Family
Julian White, ll, Trumpet, Dennenine White, Flute, Julian White, Sr. Conductor-In-Residence
Accompanied by the Javacya Elite Chamber Orchestra

St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, Tallahassee, FL
7:30 pm

Welcome to Javacya

Founded in 1981, Javacya Arts Conservatory (JAC) is a college preparatory institute for ages 3 to 18. A leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in the performing arts in the States and abroad, JAC consistently provides life developing opportunities through formal training and discipline through music.

Diversity Matters

Black players make up less than 2% of the nation’s orchestras, and the Metropolitan Opera existed for 138 years before it presented its first opera by a Black composer in 2021, “Fire Shut Up in My Bones” by Terence Blanchard.

Arts in the Heart

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What is Javacya?

Javacya exists to provide a safe space for Black, Indigenous, and students of color to take advantage of quality music education.

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