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Founded in 1981, Javacya Arts Conservatory (JAC) is a college preparatory institute for ages 3 to 18. A leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in the performing arts in the States and abroad, JAC consistently provides life developing opportunities through formal training and discipline through music.

Diversity Matters

Black players make up less than 2% of the nation’s orchestras, and the Metropolitan Opera has yet to put on a work by a Black composer

Arts in the Heart

Concert Series Present the 2021 Afro-Caribbean Arts Fest

Glacia Robinson, Vocalist

April 11, 2021

Appearance by Patrice Floyd, and
The Mad Violinist.

Arts-In-The-Heart Concert Series presents Dr. Glacia Robinson at the 2021 Afro-Caribbean Arts… Read more.

What is Javacya?

Javacya exists to provide a safe space for Black, Indigenous, and students of color to take advantage of quality music education.



My daughter was with Javacya from age 5 until she graduated high school. The comprehensive music theory curriculum helped Sarah master math. Having studied piano, violin and double bass at the Conservatory, I believe it is the reason why she will become a neurosurgeon…I recommend Javacya to everyone…the discipline and effect of high expectations last for a lifetime.”

-Selina Darling-Reed, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Florida A & M University

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